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Deb au Nare - Asheville, NC
Queen April - Asheville, NC
Lady Libido - Asheville, NC
Ella Minnope - Asheville, NC
Iona Traylor - Asheville, NC
Rebel Belle - Savannah, GA


Rebel Belle

Rebel Belle is the co-founder/producer and a performer with the Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue in Savannah, Ga. The troupe has been performing all over the southeast since 2013! Rebel has also had the privilege of being chosen to perform in The Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival, and most recently won best duet with her partner Jack N. Thacox at The Great Southern Exposure Variety Arts Festival! Rebel Belle's high octane, bad to the bone, rule breaking burlesque is kicking ass and taking names everywhere she goes!

Iona Traylor

Iona Traylor hails from the swamps of eastern Virginia, where they grow peanuts, pigs, and wives for sailor boys. The callipygian comedienne brings her salty humor to the art of burlesque with performances that are both sexy and silly. Y'all come back now, y'hear?


Franki Markstone - Tampa, FL
Rebel Belle - Savannah, GA
Coquette de Jour - Athens, GA
Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation - Chicago, IL
Pandora Disaster - Athens, GA
Della-Kate Flower - Gainesville, FL
Deb au Nare - Asheville, NC
Silver Kitsune - AL
Magnolia Minxxx - Savannah, GA
Dante the Inferno & Moxie LaBouche - Richmond, VA
Scripture - Raleigh, NC
Browncoat Bellydance - Asheville, NC
Pan D'Orable - Knoxville, TN
Sniickersnee - Asheville, NC
Ivy Aphrodyte - Knoxville, TN
Ariel Allegro - Atlanta, GA
Sadie Sincere - Knoxville, TN
Ella & Elizabeth - Asheville, NC
Dirty South Burlesque and Cabaret - Augusta, GA
Dahlia Grey - Knoxville, TN


Franki Markstone

Franki Markstone has been a driving force in Florida's Burlesque revival since 2003. Boasting an impressive and extensive list cast and troupes she works with, she has made it a personal goal to constantly evolve her art, and bring as many facets to her own form as possible. Known specifically her love of all things nerdy, geeky and freaky, Franki's signature acts are a constant revolving door of fandom. Ranging from the worlds of Harry Potter and Middle Earth, to DC/marvel and Death Note. She always has something new in the works, and we can't wait to see what she's bringing with her this time!

Walter Beals

Walter discovered juggling back in the early nineties when he was living and working in a National Park. What started out by picking up three pieces of granite behind Camp 6, in Yosemite Valley, and teaching himself to juggle, would eventually lead him to become a successful performer in various locations across the US and Europe. Too long is the list of performances he’s been part of over the last 20 some years, but since he’s moved to Asheville he’s been a part of several noteworthy productions and projects. Walter has worked on several productions of the Runaway Circus and the Loose Cabooses winter circus shows both as a performer and director. Walter also worked for a year as Professor Darius Diurtee, with his side-kick Sophia (the burlesque circus dog!) as emcee for Bootstraps Burlesque. He has also been involved in Asheville Vaudeville for several years as both a producer and performer. Walter is probably best known as R2D10 of the four-person comedy/juggling troupe Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth. He’s been juggling and performing with that troupe for almost 10 years now.


Pearl Necklace - Raleigh, NC
Veronica Broadchest - Charlotte, NC
Meredith Sparkles - Charlotte, NC
Ophelia Poptart - Charlotte, NC
Moxie LaBouche - Richmond, VA
Starry DeLight - Knoxville, TN
Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation - Chicago, IL
Pan D'Orable - Knoxville, TN
Princess Augusta - Augusta, GA
Sue Meringue - Asheville, NC
Peaches de Vine - Greensboro, NC
Anita Tool - Charlotte, NC
Ella Minnope - Asheville, NC
Ebony Dee Lyte - Knoxville, TN
Lady Libido - Asheville, NC
Magnolia Minxxx - Savannah, GA
Stage Slave Gavin - Greensboro, NC
Rebel Belle - Savannah, GA


Sneaky McFly

Since grade school, Sneaky McFly has been seen on or around the stage. As an actor, he performed in many critically acclaimed plays. His love of music and circus led him to the Modern Gypsies Circus Sideshow. Mentoring under performing legends, he learned the arts and the secrets of the circus sideshow before moving to Asheville, NC. Here he quickly joined the fire and dance troupe, Unifire Theatre and has spent 11 years performing and directing what has become the southeast’s premier fire troupe. Not content, Sneaky co-founded Seduction Sideshow Burlesque/Vaudeville/Cabaret in 2007. Seduction Sideshow continues to perform to sellout crowds and is now the longest running variety entertainment troupe in Asheville. He has been an integral player in Asheville Vaudeville, Fox and Beggar Theater, Ted-x, Bootstraps Burlesque, ABSfest and LEAF to name a few. Sneaky employs a variety of skills and characters. and has studied and performed using stage hypnotism, classic magic, sleight of hand, juggling, acrobalance, mime, clowning, traditional and original fire manipulation, sideshow barker, emcee funny man, physical comedy, puppetry, and much more. Critics have called him “hilariously brilliant” and dubbed him Asheville’s most notorious emcee.